Friday, June 24, 2016

Auckland - Art

Auckland Art
Success Criteria:
  • Choose 2 primary colours to dye onto an A3 paper, blending the dye will create a secondary colour.
  • Plan a pattern on your art work thinking about different types of lines.Optional - Add shapes to create interest.
Write a reflection about your artwork.  

    I used the ABSORPTION learning muscles because  I was doing my work and staying on task because I was absorbed in my work.  
  • I am proud of my artwork because All of my work was detailed and it stood out with the colour on the page because we coloured the background and im proud with my patterns.
  • If I could start my artwork again I would change ? my hidden name.

Thursday, June 16, 2016


WAL about 3D shapes

Make a container that holds exactly 60 blocks

What different  shapes might you use

What I learnt was learn my times tables

I learn that you could use one block for the hole trier 60 blocks.
I learnt how to times the block and learnt how.
I learnt how to crop a photo on a ipad

Friday, June 10, 2016

Should animals be kept in zoo

Should animals Be kept in the zoo
I think animals should be kept in zoos.
Should be kept in the zoo

. The animals have also housed is known as a mini habitat.
. Many people have consider that zoo are good.
. Zoos can protected animals from the predator and hunters.
. Zoos can provide correct medicine in order an animal.
. In zoos the animals have all the health and safety they would need in order the to live longer and have a happy life.
They Should not be in the zoo

. The average zoos today is a far cry of when old when cement cages and steel bars.
. many people consider that zoos are terrible because animals are lock in a cage.
.They think animals need a places to be free and wild.

Super Saloon Poem

Late model[edit]

I see  dirt flying up in the air and smashing through the wind
I smell  burning rubber from the turbo wheels
I hear  the scream of crazy people revving their cars
I feel  dirt smashing against my legs
I taste  wet clay in my mouth stuck on my teeth.
I think it is going to crash into me.

Camp Omatua


Kaleb & Diaz.JPG
Diaz and I capside in the river.
Diaz and I boxcars for the drive in movie.

Kaleb & Brad.JPG
Kauri 89.JPG
Doing a challenge trying to get the cell phone from 4 meters.
Our one last photo before we were leaving camp.


Copy of Kaleb & Brad.JPG
The drive in movie me and diaz loud!!We are looking for an eel.

Soap experiment

You need a bar of Soap knife bowls and a microwave.

We put the soap in the bowl  and we place it in the microwave and we set the time for 2mins.

What did we see
We put the soap in the  microwave we set it to 2min It started  to heat and turn into a white  puff  and it  expanded to a big soap ball.

Science behind the experiment           
The heat warms up the water  molecules inside the soap. the water started  to vaporize and that makes  The air make  pressure builds up inside the soap to an it expand  into puffy ball .

Mrs Hill Wrighting group

It is time for court at the end of court they decided that they were going to lock me up in a rusty old cold jail without a roommate. AS I slowly walked down that cold lonely jail. I felt alone, angry and have my head hanging, the handcuffs are grazing my wrists.  The handcuffs are bending my arms behind my back. The handcuffs were digging into my soft skin.

I got there. There was cold lonely room with rust on the freezing cold bars. I was there for about 8 years we had 2hours of letting us out of the cell and there was the awful food.  It has been 8 years already when can i get out of this ugly place . We don't even have carpet. I could smell old stinky old men in here. When a guard walk past I grabbed on to the bars all of a sudden my hand clutched on and stuck years old goo.

Next day i'm starting to get really dizzy. So I went to bed because I thought it would make me feel better. When I woke up I saw something strange it  was going to eat me I ran to the bars and yelled let me out let me out. As soon as I clutched on to the bars  they randomly suck on the goo YUCK wonder what has been after few hours the dizzy is still playing up on me I went to go outside because we got to outside. When we went back to the cell there was a old man in there what I said in my head this day get better and better. Now I just make a runner out of this ugly place they seen me go over the ponty wire. They called the chopper. 2 minutes later. They finely got me on the ground They lock me back up.

Once  they left to go and get more food for us the only people that were there were the person people and guards. All of the doors open because It was time to go out the prison and to see fresh air because in the cell it is cold concrete walls and no carpet I'm going to not get out of this awful mess. Next day I wake up and the old man made this room the worst place in the world because he leaves all of his clothes on the ground. When we went van to go back to court i'm sick of these handcuffs digging into me when i get out i'm going laughing at the guard.

Wait there might call the chopper on again how more  long  is this life going to take.